Since the London Olympics just ended I thought it’d be appropriate to sample something UK-born. Up this week is Red Dragon - also known as Y Fenni. I’m guessing the Red Dragon moniker comes from the dragon on the Welsh flag. 

It’s an English style cheddar made with wholegrain mustard and ale, which I thought was interesting. It definitely stood out among the other offerings at Trader Joe’s this week. 

The mustard flavor is the most dominant, lending a pretty intense flavor. I suspect the English cheddar part is a bit milder. I also get a hint of cinnamon, which may be from the ale or the mustard seeds. 

The cheese itself comes in a red wax rind, and is pretty difficult to cut cleanly, even fresh out of the fridge. I would say the cheese is downright moist, it gives very easily to a swipe of the finger and is almost spreadable. I loved the flavor, but the texture wasn’t really what I was looking for - so it lost a point on the Taste-o-meter. 

I think the cheese was intended for snacking, but it’d be great on sandwiches or other places where mustard is usually used - paired with salami, for example. I would think the texture would lend itself well to melting, as well. 

Cheese: Red Dragon - English Cheddar with Whole Grain Mustard and Ale
Brand / Price: Somerdale (via Trader Joe’s) / $7.99 per lb
Country: UK
Milk: Cow
Texture: Mushy, creamy
Strength: Medium
Taste-o-meter: 7/10