I have to admit, I bought this week’s cheese based on price. Trader Joe’s just has the best prices on cheese, ever. I can’t say enough good things about them! 

I think this Aged Vermont Cheddar is actually pretty versatile. It’s a lot crumblier and creamier than I thought it’d be, being aged 3 years, but that shows how much I know about cheese. 

This cheese packs a punch in the flavor department. It’s very sharp and bold, and the creamy texture makes it almost like a gorgonzola to my palate. 

It’s a little difficult to eat just on it’s own, but it’d be good spread on crackers. This is definitely a cheese that would go well paired with or used in other foods, like crumbled on a salad. I’d be interested to see how well it melts for burgers or quesodillas. 

Cheese: Artisan Reserve Vermont Cheddar
Brand / Price: Trader Joe’s / $5.99 per lb
Country: USA
Milk: Cow
Texture: Creamy, almost spreadable
Strength: Sharp
Taste-o-meter: 7/10